Time Trial Details

All the Details

  • Dabulamanzi hosts its time trial every Thursday at Emmarentia Dam (See Map to Dabs)

  • Start times below:


K1 17:45 17:30
K3 +2min +2min
K2 +3min +3min

*From the first Thursday in May to the last Thursday in August. (The time switches on the first Thursday of May and September.)

  • Informal time trials are held every Sunday. All boats starting at 8am.

Keeping it Clean (See here for general paddling etiquette)

  • Always be courteous to other competitors, especially at the turns.
  • Time Trials are raced anti-clockwise which is not the normal direction for training. You will notice that everyone is going in this direction very quickly and should do the same!
  • No contact is allowed between your boat and another paddler's boat.
  • Rudders against the wall at the start. Do not creep.
  • You should not ride the wave of a boat that is not in your category, or on the same lap as you. I.e. K1’s should not ride the wave of a K2. You should not ride the wave of a boat that is lapping you.
  • If you miss the start, you should stay out of the way completely. If you have to join a group, do so on the outside wave and do not interfere with others in the group.
  • Paddlers must follow the most direct route between the bouys. I.e. you may not swerve in front of a boat that is attempting to overtake.
  • Under no circumstance may you intentionally drive into another boat, or hold it with your hands, nor touch another competitor with your paddle.
  • Physically aggressive behavior will result in suspension.
  • The faster boats “lapping” slower boats should warn them as soon as possible as to from which side they are approaching. This will generally be the inside. It is probably in your interest to go a little wide if it is on the turn to give them space to get past. This is a courtesy, not a rule.
  • Faster boats lapping others should use good manners such as a simple “please” and “thank-you”. This is a courtesy, not a rule but it’s the least you can do.
  • Faster boats should not use slower boats as obstacles with which to cut off or “dispose” of other boats on their bunch – this is simply poor sportsmanship.

After the Action

  • The club is open after the dice. Join us for a few drinks.
  • Complete all your admin, as the office is also open.
  • This is the best time to get to know the members and find out what's going on.