Dabs Running Club

Athletics SA/Central Gauteng Athletics licences

Dabulamanzi Canoe Club has a fair contingent of runners in its ranks. Members needing an ASA/CGA number to run road races and qualify for marathons (many of our athletes have completed Comrades in Dabs club colours), can get their running licences through Dabs.

In order to get a Central Gauteng Athletic’s license:

1. Join Dabs as a social member for R670 (season starting 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017) + access tag for R60.

2. Register with ASA/CGA through Dabs for R115

3. Renewal of running license is due from 1 January each year (and is conditional on being a paid-up member of Dabulamanzi Canoe Club).

4. Download ASA licensing form here