Staying in Touch

In order to keep updated with the goings on within our paddling community, we suggest that you subscribe to the following E-Groups (mailing lists) that are available to you.

This is very important!! The only way to find out what is going on is through the E-Groups. We suggest that you subscribe at least to the Gauteng list [GPKayak]. If you feel the content is of no interest to you, you can unsuscribe. If you want to know more about what is going on at a national level, subscribe to the national list [SAKayak]. All these forums are free to join.

GPKayak: Most useful pieces of paddling related information find their way through this list at some point. Race details, river warnings, club notifications, tripping info, time trial results etc. are posted regularly. Please note that this is not a commercial site, and any commercial postings will result in you getting booted off. Click on

SAKayak: If you're a paddler and you want to keep up to date with nation-wide information, you will definitely want to join this list. Most useful pieces of paddling related information find their way here at some point. For South African paddlers, it's a good place to monitor news and information regarding our major races - and keep tabs on our international paddlers.

Dabs Facebook page: Like the page here for up to date information about club events and activities