High Altitude Surf Ski Champs 2017



Well done to all those who paddled the FND DUSI now for an invite to paddle. Guaranteed water!

Andy Birkett has already entered

Jasper Mocke has already entered

Haley Nixonworld ladies surf ski champion has already entered

Hank McGregor - Athlete multiple world marathon champ and world surf ski champ is making plans to see you there

10 km of downwind and big surf with the famous Dabulamanzi lifesaver on duty

Giveaway fenn ocean visability cap,

Giveaway hally hanson shirt thank you adreach

Free dinner thank you standard bank




Giveaways and prizes thanks to Fenn, Adreach, Standard bank, Set kayaks, Carlo, Roy, Dabulamanzi and others

Any sit-on-top (regret no kayaks on the ocean), stand up paddleboards welcome 8 laps (regret giveaways first to surf skis)

It is spring high tide

there will be a grass beach

paddle in bright colours

baggies and bikinis

bring families

club open

photo opportunity

emphasis on fun

This is an opportunity for all paddlers. In particular the hot squad should join in if you can do a tt you can do this, registration from 13h30 but closes at 15hoo, pre-enter then pay and collect giveaways at registration, pre-entry information and link to follow, entry R70.. Juniors free. Out of town free. Scarc covered by Adreach



peter o'connor

World’s Most Prestigious High Altitude Surf Ski Race is to take place at the Dabulamanzi Canoe Club The Finest Canoe Club in The Whole Dam Universe on Saturday the 4th of March 2017. Some of the World’s top surf ski paddlers will be participating.




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