Honourary Life Members

“These members have made a major and sustained contribution over an extended period, to making Dabulamanzi the major force that it is in SA canoeing, in regard to the facilities which Dabulamanzi provides to its members, its contribution to the advancement of the sport of canoeing, and its participation in local, national and international canoeing events”

Honourary Life Membership entitles those receiving the award to free club membership for life and free access to one boat rack for as long as they are actively paddling. The benefits are, however, not transferable.

Name Joined Club Served on Committee Contribution to Dabs Contribution to Canoeing Notable Performances
Ian Benson 1985 1987-2002
15 years
Chairman 1989-2002 - 13years. Initiated and drove the plan for the new clubhouse
GCU 13 years as a committee member 13 Iron Man  -11 silver, 2 Gold, 29 Comrades-10 in DABS colours, As the Crow Walks Award
Steve Jourdan 1996 1996-present
Chairman  2000 -2003 – 4 years, Sale of the old clubhouse, construction and financing of the new clubhouse and boat racks, Social Committee 10 years GCU 5 years as a committee member, CSA committee member 7years, SA Marathon Team Manager 8 years Protea & Federation colours
Swimmer of the Year
Boat Breaker of the Year
Willem v d Merwe 1986

21 years

Initiated Junior Development at the club Started canoeing at St David’s. Canoeing recognised as an official  school sport

Federation colours for marathon
Boat Breaker of the Year
Clubman of the year

Meyer Steyn 1979 1998-2009
11 years
Managed the Dabs Bar for 9 years GCU Vice Chairman 2 years GCU colours Senior & Masters
20 x Fish Marathons, 26 x Umkos, 35 x Lowveld Crocs (every one since 1975)
Boat Breaker of the Year
Neil Powell 1997 1997-2010
14 years
Safety Officer and Proficiency 2 years
Race Administrator 3 years
GCU Race Administrator 7 yrs
GCU Secretary 5 years
Club, GCU & CSA Time Keeping
Meyerton Sports Ground to Caravan Park in a K3
Alan Witherden 1979 1979-1980
2 years
Club Secretary for 2 years
One of the 4 guarantors for the purchase of the original clubhouse
GCU Chairman 8 years
GCU Sprint Convener 2 years
Chairman CSA Sprint Committee 9 yr
ICF Official Sprints & Olympics
ICF Honoris Causa Award
Protea & Federation colours
Swimmer of The Year
Boat Breaker of the Year
Bruce Clark 1980 1985-1999
14 years
Club Captain – 10 years
Editor of the Club Magazine – 14 yrs
Race Organiser – 2 years
Initiated and moderates the Dabs, GP Kayak, SA Kayak e-groups – 10 years GCU and Federation Colours
As the Crow Walks
Swimmer of the Year
Brian Longley 1980 1981-1987
6 years
Chairman – 2 years
One of the 4 guarantors for the purchase of the original clubhouse and the funding of the new clubhouse
Headed fundraising for new club house
GCU Chairman – 2 years
CSA Marathon Committee 4 yrs
SA Marathon Manager 5 years
Protea & Federation colours
World Marathon Champs -  3 Gold,  3 Silver medals
SA’s Top Master Paddler
Bryan Slater 1988 1991-2007
16 years
Club Treasurer 15 years
Managed numerous major fundraising initiatives
One of the guarantors for the funding of the new club house
GCU Treasurer Has paddled around the world in Dabs colours: Spain, Mozambique, Tanzania, Australia & Ireland.
Swimmer of the Year
Boat Breaker of the Year
As the Crow Walks