Hanepoot 500

The Hanepoort 500 is back!!!!

Join us on Saturday 1st July at 2 o'clock for an afternoon of fun!

Details of the races on the poster above.

Join us afterwards for music and dancing!!! There will even be some arm wrestling.. The theme for the after party is 'warm and woolly'

You can bring and braai or food will be on sale.

Contact people are Holly 076 480 1547 or Paolo 072 711 8444. Let them know asap if you are keen to participate!!!!

No under 18's to participate and life jackets compulsory.




Dabs Dusi Jozi Jol

Dabulamanzi Canoe club hosted the Dabs Duzi Jozi Jol on Sunday 5 February, 18km of paddling and running, building up towards the Dusi Canoe Marathon later this month with a social race for non registered paddlers as well as a shorter junior race, for the guppie paddlers...

With good sponsorships for prizes from Adreach and Bam, and other good support on the day adding to its value - the jumping castle and music system - all making it a great success and most enjoyable for all, especially with the added delicious prego/ribs meals treating the paddlers - from Meyerton based New Style Pork / Lynca restaurant.

Nearly 70 paddlers participated in the main Dusi training race, where Sneziwe Gxobole (SOW) was the first lady finisher, in a time of 2 hours 3 minutes, Under 23 champ, with Cally Henderson (Dabs) bringing up the 2nd place in 2 hours 11 minutes, as first Grand Master champion! Sonja Bohnsack opted not to do the portages while enjoying the laps on the water.

Siseko Ntondini (Sow) was again the first finisher in 1 hour 26 minutes, with Loveday Zondi merely 3 seconds behind him. Marco Magni and Luke Symons were the first double (Dabs) and 3rd place overall finishers, also first Sub Veterans, in 1 hour 27 minutes, while 2 seconds later Tom Ngcobo took the 3rd place podium finish position.

The winning Under 23 was siyabonga Tyiki (Sow) in 1 hour 28 minutes, with Shaun Maphanga as first Veteran finishing in 1 hour 29 (FLCC). Sibusiso Chwayi (Sow) won the Under 18 category finishing in 1 hour 31 minutes, and Nicolas Oldert (Dabs) was the Sub Grand Master first finisher in 1 hour 39 minutes. Piers and Shelley Cruickshanks (Dabs) were the first mixed double in the veteran age group, finishing in 1 hour 39 minutes, and the first Sub Master was Michael Kirkby (Cen). Zanenhlanhla Mbala (Sow) was first finishing Under 16 in a time of 1 hour 44 minutes, while Clive Evans was the winning Master (Dabs) - 1 hour 54 minutes.

Jennie Dallas



Dabs/Scarc Dinner Dance

Dabulamanzi Scarc dinner dance and awards evening

Theme: Bedazzled top hat

Dress to impress

Date: Friday 28th October

Venue: Marks Park Bowling club

Time: 6:30 for 7:00 until late

Cost: R250 for adults, R175 kids

To get your tickets, please contact Sarah Evans This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Dabs Winter Pro-Am

The Winter solstice time trial is taking place on Thursday 22nd June at 5:30. This is a pro-am time trial taking place in the middle of winter!

How do you classify as a pro? This means that you are an experienced paddler who has done plenty of Dabs' time trials and you are happy to show a new paddler how it's done.

How do you classify as an am? You are new to the sport and keen to get involved.

The format is very simple. A pro paddler and an am paddler hop in a k2 together. All new paddlers need to do is sign up with Sarah (082 785 2213) or Paolo (072 711 8444). Sarah and Paolo will pair new paddlers up with the more experienced ones. The experienced paddlers/club will provide boats and paddles if need be.

Other clubs are welcome to sign up their own pros and ams.

Please everyone to join us in the club afterwards to warm up with Gluwein and hot chocolate!!


Dabs Summer 'Pro'-Novice time trial

Thursday evening 8th December at Emmarentia Dam will be our last big time trial for the year! We will be running a 'Pro'-Novice 10km tt starting at 5.45pm.

The format is simple - experienced paddlers* to hop in k2's with novice/rookie** paddlers for 10 laps! All that the novice paddlers need to do is sign-up, everything else will be sorted by Marco who will pair everyone off, and the experienced paddlers will bring the boats (and paddles if needed), all other clubs are welcome to sign-up their own "Pro's" or "Novice's" to make up combos for the night!

*How do you classify as an experienced paddler? You've done plenty of dabs tt's and are happy to show a new paddler how it's done

**How do you classify as a novice/rookie paddler? You are new to the sport and keen to get involved

In order for this time trial to work we need sign-up from both the "Pro's" (experienced paddlers) and novice paddlers! Please message Marco ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or Rob (robcrichton@gmailcom)

Join us for a lekker time trial to end off the year with a few beers in the club to celebrate afterwards!



Liebenbergsvlei Canoe Marathon - Thanks

A big thanks to everyone who came out to support our Liebenbergsvlei Canoe Marathon this past weekend. The race was a great success. We had exactly 200 entries over the two days and 108 boats completed the two-day race. I think Mark Garden summed it up quite nicely when he said, "Great water, great mates and a thoroughly enjoyable weekend."

For results, photos, videos etc please check out our Facebook page. I encourage all of you to please like our page. If we want to continue to grow this race, we need to expose it to as many people as possible. And Facebook is an easy way to achieve this. Rob Crichton has done an excellent job and has put a lot of work into it. The page contains everything you need know about the race.

Also check out a ton of pics posted to GCU Facebook Page.

Some notable results from the weekend:

1st Siseko Ntondini (SCARC)

2nd Thulani Mbanjwa (LEM)

3rd Zonele Nzuza (SCARC)


1st Lady Bridgitte Hartley (NAT)

2nd Lady Holly Spencer (DAB)


1st U/16 Sibusiso Chwayi (SCARC)

1st K2 Keith Flemmer & Kelvin Byrnes (DAB) - 7th overall

1st K3 - Antje Manfroni & Anna Clifford Arwidi & Nigel Harvey (DAB) - 19th overall

Special thanks must go to Colin Wilson for his generous Euro Steel sponsorship. Grant Thiel & Brian Whillier, for organizing the Gara sponsorship and sweeping on Day 1. Meyer Steyn for marshalling, sweeping, doing the race briefing, starting the batches and just generally being a legend! And Rob Crichton, Rob Levick and Cornelius Human for all their help with the organizing.

Looking foward to next year!





High Altitude Surf Ski Champs 2017



Well done to all those who paddled the FND DUSI now for an invite to paddle. Guaranteed water!

Andy Birkett has already entered

Jasper Mocke has already entered

Haley Nixonworld ladies surf ski champion has already entered

Hank McGregor - Athlete multiple world marathon champ and world surf ski champ is making plans to see you there

10 km of downwind and big surf with the famous Dabulamanzi lifesaver on duty

Giveaway fenn ocean visability cap,

Giveaway hally hanson shirt thank you adreach

Free dinner thank you standard bank




Giveaways and prizes thanks to Fenn, Adreach, Standard bank, Set kayaks, Carlo, Roy, Dabulamanzi and others

Any sit-on-top (regret no kayaks on the ocean), stand up paddleboards welcome 8 laps (regret giveaways first to surf skis)

It is spring high tide

there will be a grass beach

paddle in bright colours

baggies and bikinis

bring families

club open

photo opportunity

emphasis on fun

This is an opportunity for all paddlers. In particular the hot squad should join in if you can do a tt you can do this, registration from 13h30 but closes at 15hoo, pre-enter then pay and collect giveaways at registration, pre-entry information and link to follow, entry R70.. Juniors free. Out of town free. Scarc covered by Adreach



peter o'connor

World’s Most Prestigious High Altitude Surf Ski Race is to take place at the Dabulamanzi Canoe Club The Finest Canoe Club in The Whole Dam Universe on Saturday the 4th of March 2017. Some of the World’s top surf ski paddlers will be participating.




Gear Up, Paddle Up

Gear up, paddle up!

Join us for our summer intro to paddling series aimed at novice and intermediate paddlers. The series will be run over 4 weeks starting on 12th November for 4 consecutive Saturdays.

Saturday sessions will include the ‘Paddling ABC’s’ from 3pm-4pm and then from 4pm-5pm, just before the sun sets, we will run the ‘Emmarentia Paddler’ sessions building on the basics. All boats & paddles provided!

What will the series deliver?

• Everything you need to know about the paddling basics & a signed-off flat water proficiency

• Intro to Dabulamanzi canoe club and how to get involved / the lifestyle it offers

• Important tips about training and racing should you like to explore any further

The series will cost R600 person, and will cover any 3 of the 4 Saturday’s (ABC’s or intermediate). To book or for more information please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

See you on the water!



Dabs Winter tt series 2016


Attention paddlers far and wide, big and small, fast and not so fast!

In the words of the late Ned Stark “Winter is coming!” and with it brings the annual Dabulamanzi Winter Time Trial Series!!!

So it’s time clear your calendars and dust off those pogies to ensure that you don’t miss out!!! Details:

Where and when: Thursdays, 5:30pm, Dabulamanzi Canoe Cub, Emmarentia

What YOU need to do to Qualify: Brave the cold for 8 of the 13 Add Resins Winter Time Trials and you will be rewarded with an Add Resins Winter Time Trial CHILL CHEATER valued at R250.

NB Dates to remember:

Thursday 02/06/2016 First Time Trial of the Series

Thursday 23/06/2016 Winter Solstice 5km ProAM

Sponsored Bar Tab: Ttrumpet

Thursday 28/07/2016 Sponsored Bar Tab: Best

Thursday 25/08/2016 Last Time Trial of the Series

But most importantly there will ALWAYS be cheap drinks, good tunes and a warm fire to welcome you off the water!

The series will also present an opportunity to get some solid base training in for the Hansa Fish Canoe Marathon taking place in October; an event that requires stamina on the river and in the liver so don’t forget about the bar.

There will be pre printed lists to record times so please don’t forget be honest and to do this after each event!

Enjoy it! And if you have any queries or need assistance with a (canoeing) partner please do not hesitate to contact me:

Robert Levick

083 928 9496

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thanks you to our sponsor Add Resins and Sub Sponsors Best and Ttrumpet.



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